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Welcome to the Official Myachistore!

The Myachi Original Hand Sack combines the old school fun of hacking the sack with the full body coordination of action sports. And, at $5, $10, and $20 Myachi Hand Sacks and our award winning Battle Paddles are the best bang for the buck to get your kids off the couch and into the game! NO BUTTONS AND NO BATTERIES!!
The next level of Myachi, Battle Paddles are training wheels for the little guys, but also a Ferrari for more skilled players! Now you can catch a Myachi thrown faster and from further away so you can play games like Myachi Pong, LAX, Golf, and more! Voted 2012 Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine Awards!! Each Set contains 2 Battle Paddles and 1 Myachi Hand Sack. Only $20 per set.
Please like us on Facebook and there are 100's of Myachi videos on and youtube!! Learn all the tricks, see epic shreds, and more! Are you the next Myachi Master?!?!
And of course, Myachis are great stocking stuffers and birthday gifts!!
Thank you for your support and helping us spread the word!


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